IP Management Becomes ARCCoM’s First Corporate Member

IP Management Becomes ARCCoM’s First Corporate Member

ARCCoM welcomes its first corporate member: Russian IP management and investment company, IP-Management. Its founder and owner, Yuri Tkachenko,  М.D., Ph.D., started his career at the department of Hospital Therapy, Nizhniy Novgorod Medical Academy, where he co-authored a number of scientific publications in the area of treatment, diagnostics, and monitoring of diseases. In 1989, he defended his thesis on the treatment of lymphocytic leukemia.

In 2001, he received a Civil Law degree with specialization in Patent Law. Tkachenko founded several companies for the production and distribution of medical devices. In over 20 years as a successful patent attorney and investor, he developed his own methods for choosing innovative projects for investment, and their subsequent support and sale. As a result of his work, over the past 10 years, Tkachenko has created and sold more than 40 objects of intellectual property (IPO) and participated in  more than 80 IPOs in joint projects with his partners.

In an interview to the Russian scientific internet journal STRF.RU  Yuri said:

Quality examination of inventions eliminates approximately 90% of proposals, mainly because of spoiled or unpromising situation with the IPO, less often projects are eliminated due to poor market prospects. Even if the applicant receives a negative response, it is a valuable document that clearly explains why the invention cannot be sold. All inventors are aware of tough competition on the market, but most of them believe that their inventions are worth millions and billions and all they need is just to show them to an investor. Alas, for most of the inventors, documented reality of their invention is like a cold shower. Not all inventors are ready to face the actuality and take the necessary steps to thrive.

Tkachenko is planning to share his experience at a nanotechnology conference in Tomsk, where is an invited speaker at the Technology Innovation workshop.

Together with partners in Russia and abroad IP-Management deals with attracting private and public investments, obtaining patents and sales of licenses in Russia and abroad. ARCCoM’s Business Committee looks forward to collaborating with Yuri and his team to bring Russian inventions to Minnesota, particularly to the medical device market.