Communications and Public Relations Committee

The Communications & Public Relations Committee promotes ARCCoM’s activities and initiatives throughout the state of Minnesota. By increasing ARCCoM’s visibility, the Committee works to build greater appreciation for the business, cultural, and educational connections between Minnesota and Russia.

The Communications & Public Relations Committee maintains the ARCCoM website to ensure that it is the main source of news and information for ARCCoM members, associates, and prospective partners. In addition, the Committee assists the board of directors in building working relationships between ARCCoM members and various public and private entities. This includes the development and coordination of ARCCoM networking events and workshops, including ARCCoM’s annual fall workshop. When appropriate, the Committee may work with ARCCoM partners to promote their events via the ARCCoM blog and newsletters.

Комитет по связям с общественностью занимается распространением информации о деятельности и инициативах АРКОМ в Миннесоте, других штатах, России и во всем мире с целью раширения деловых и культурных связей между Миннесотой, Россией и другими русско-говорящими организациями и регионами.

If you’re considering partnering with ARCCoM or have an event you’d like to promote, please send an email to

Business and Innovation Committee (BIC)

Информация об услугах российским компаниям по продвижению их продуктов и технологий – здесь.

The Business and Innovation Committee (BIC) serves as a source of information, point of contact, and facilitator for Russian and American companies and individual entrepreneurs looking to establish, expand, or promote their business or product in Russia, the CIS, or the United States.

BIC arranges meetings, conferences, seminars and other business events that may be of interest to ARCCoM members and business people of both countries. BIC connects businesses, facilitates interaction between them, provides information on current business and market conditions, and creates opportunities for an exchange of ideas.

By attending ARCCoM meetings organized by BIC, you can meet and make connections with members who may assist you in expanding your business in Russia, the CIS, or the United States. In addition, ARCCoM members have a deep well of experience in doing business in Russia and the United States.

Through their own businesses, these members can provide you with advice on marketing your products in Russia or the Unites States, building brand recognition, finding potential business partners or suppliers, assisting you in drafting a business plan, translating your materials and specifications, or opening a representative office.

ARCCoM members possess subject matter expertise in the sciences, education, IT, and other areas relevant to your business. We also have legal and accounting professionals that may be able to assist you with a wide variety of legal and tax issues that might arise. Without endorsing any particular company or member, BIC may provide you with a list of members or companies that offer services or products of interest to you. In addition, BIC may provide you with information about particular market segments you may be interested in or refer you to a list of companies that conduct market research in such areas.