ARCCoM becomes a partner in organizing AKTRU2019 Forum at Altai Mountains


ARCCoM is pleased to announce that it has joined the organizing committee of the international forum AKTRU2019  an interdisciplinary symposium and summer school with an emphasis on life and earth sciences and environmental sustainability. This year’s conference will be held from July 8-19 in the Altai Mountains, a pristine region in southern Siberia, Russia. Information about the conference can be found at:

Taking Minnesota Business to Russia

ARCCoM is putting together a group of Minnesota businesses interested in traveling to the conference. Minnesota businesses will discover that Altai’s unique geographic profile and rugged remoteness present fresh opportunities for their products and services. As such, ARCCoM will assist Minnesota businesses in finding valuable partners in Altai.

Altai: An Economy as Diverse as its Environment

While agriculture remains the economic engine of the Altai Republic, the region has successfully added new industries and opportunities. The mountains, tundra, and lakes that punctuate this diverse environment have contributed to the growth of a burgeoning eco and bio-tourism industry. Additionally, the successful development of the Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster has become the latest high-growth industry to further diversify the republic’s economy.

A Focus on Sustainability